I Only Date Superheroes Mug

Do you or someone you know have exceptionally high standards when it comes to dating? The I Only Date Superheroes Mug will let everybody know right off the bat that they don’t need to waste their time with you unless they’re worthy enough to wield […]


Avengers Hulk Maquette

He’s mean, he’s green, and he’s finally getting the love he deserves after smashing a few bad guys on the big screen in The Avengers. The Avengers Hulk Maquette captures the angry side of Bruce Banner as he looks around for something to unleash his […]


Marvel Heroes Guitar Picks

Are you ready to rock? How about some help from the Marvel universe? The Marvel Heroes Guitar Picks will give you all the picks you need to kick out the jams Marvel style. Peavey Electronics Marvel Comics-themed guitar picks are exactly what you need. The […]


Marvel Heroes Dog Tag Necklaces

Dog tags used to be just for soldiers, but not anymore. Now you can wear dog tags that display your favorite comic book characters. These Marvel Heroes Dog Tag Necklaces show your love for Marvel’s most famous heroes. Wear them proudly and everyone will see […]


Marvel Heroes Crew Socks

Marvel fans need socks like anybody else and this Marvel Heroes Crew Socks will take care of you for 3 days of the week. The Marvel Heroes Crew Sock 3-Pack gives you 3 pairs of amazing socks, each featuring a different hero from Marvel Comics. […]


Captain America Glitter Pint Glass

Have a drink with Captain America with this Captain America Glitter Pint Glass. Everything will taste better in a glitter glass featuring the first Avenger. This Captain America Glitter Pint Glass just looks awesome. It features the head of Steve Rogers. With glitter. Bring me […]


Marvel Ladies Colored Shot Glass Set

The fairer sex needs their share of Marvel items too and this Marvel Ladies Colored Shot Glass Set looks super pretty. They are geared toward the female Marvel fans. These awesome shot glasses feature Captain America, Invisible Woman, Incredible Hulk, Spider Woman, Storm, Iron Man, […]


Marvel Heroes Playing Cards

Combine poker night with comic books with these geeky Marvel Heroes Playing Cards. Get a full house with two Wolverines and 3 Hulks. Or a straight flush with Spider-Man high. They put a whole new twist on card game night. This pack of Waddingtons Number […]


Spider-Man Toaster

Normally I would want to keep the creepy crawlies off of my toast, but in this case, I think I am just fine with having a spider on my toast. This Spider-Man Toaster will put Spidey’s spider logo right on your toast. Are your Spidey […]


Superior Spider-Man #1 T-Shirt

It was the move that had the spider-sense of a lot of comic fans tingling but that didn’t stop Marvel from canceling The Amazing Spider-Man comic book, and the Superior Spider-Man #1 T-Shirt will let you remember the moment because this shirt features a reproduction […]