JLA Power Burst T-Shirt

The DC Universe is changing (again) but you can still hold on tight to the New 52 with the JLA Power Burst T-Shirt. Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, and a trident-wielding Aquaman come together as the Justice League of America on this 100% cotton […]


Green Lantern Sixth-Scale Figure

The Emerald Guardian is ready to make evil beware his might with the Green Lantern Sixth-Scale Figure. Dressed in shiny green and black (with white gloves), the GL of Sector 2814 has everything he needs to make sure no evil escapes his sight, including a […]


Sinestro Premium Format Figure

The Sinestro Premium Format Figure captures the emperor of fear himself, Thaal Sinestro. Once he was a shining emerald star in the Green Lantern Corp but Sinestro soon turned to the Dark Side evil, becoming Hal Jordan’s greatest adversary. These days, Sinestro isn’t the baddie […]


Steampunk Batman T-Shirt

In an alternate world ruled by steam, Gotham City is still protected by the Dark Knight and his super-powered friends on the Steampunk Batman T-Shirt. Popular DC Comics heroes get a steampunk spin on this 100% cotton tee that shows Batman riding his steam-powered vehicle […]


Superhero Hip Flasks

Fighting crime is thirsty work, but the daily grind can make you need something to drink just as bad. The Superhero Hip Flasks come to the rescue, making sure you’re always prepared to battle thirst. Regardless of whether you prefer Marvel or DC heroes, these […]

Green Lantern Charging Ring T-Shirt Detail

Green Lantern Charging Ring T-Shirt

In brightest day, in blackest night, the Green Lantern Charging Ring T-Shirt won’t escape your sight… because it’s pretty darn cool. The black, 100% cotton tee features a highly-detailed, close-up portrait of Green Lantern Hal Jordan as he charges his emerald power ring. There’s no […]