Firefly Cookie Cutters

We may not have Firefly back on TV, but at least we can enjoy some Firefly cookies thanks to these awesome Firefly Cookie Cutters. You get a set of four Firefly cookie cutters and four stamps to press the design into the cookie. Shiny! You […]


Firefly Serenity Charm Bracelet

You are going to be styling when you wear this Firefly Serenity Charm Bracelet. It’s the most fashionable way to celebrate the show. It fits all major bracelet brands (PANDORA, Chamilia, Biagi, Troll, etc.) and this silver bracelet comes with a Free Timmy Charm. It’s […]


Malcolm Reynolds Dog Tags

If you are cosplaying as Malcolm Reynolds, you need more than just good looks and an accurate outfit. You are going to need these Malcolm Reynolds Dog Tags. These Malcolm Reynolds dog tag necklaces are officially-licensed and officially awesome. They have Reynolds’ rank, brigade number, […]


Firefly: The Board Game

In Firefly: The Board Game, You get to captain your own Firefly class starship and fly around the ‘Verse. You’ll find plenty of adventure along the way. The game includes an exclusive Supply Card from Thinkgeek. It is a must have for fans of the […]


Firefly Serenity Gold Key Chain

The only thing better than Serenity would be Serenity in gold. This Firefly Serenity Replica SDCC 2013 Exclusive Gold Key Chain delivers just that. Shiny! Now you can have Serenity wherever you go, with your own golden pocket-sized Firefly-class vessel. This solid-metal keychain has a […]


Firefly Independents Flag

Fans of Firefly will want to raise this Firefly Independents Prop Replica Flag high and in a place of honor. This screen-accurate prop replica of the Independents flag measures 60-inches long x 30-inches tall. Shiny! This flag will let everyone know which side you are […]

Jaynes Firefly Hat

Jayne’s Firefly Hat

Many loyal Browncoats already have a wardrobe that includes this iconic headpiece, but those who don’t need to grab up Jayne’s Firefly Hat because the beloved symbol of devotion is about to become a lot harder to find. The multi-orange, 100% acrylic yarn, machine-washable laplander […]