Lady Deadpool Premium Format Figure

Wanda Wilson takes on all the action with the Lady Deadpool Premium Format Figure. I wonder if she yelled ‘Leeerrrroooooyyy Jenkins’ right before this moment. The Deadpool of Earth-3010 proves that she’s a master of multi-tasking with this highly-detailed, 22-inch tall figure that features Lady […]


Incredible Hulk Life-Size Bust

He’s mean, he’s green, and – WOW – he’s so not pretty. The Incredible Hulk Life-Size Bust captures the green Goliath in all his gamma-radiated glory. Bruce Banner’s angry alter-ego comes to life with this highly-detailed life-sized bust that stands just a little over 2-feet […]


Batman vs Bane Diorama

Comic books fans know him as the man who broke the Bat, and the Venom-enhanced baddie takes on the Dark Knight with the Batman vs Bane Diorama. Standing almost 22-inches-tall and based on concept art by DC Comics artist Ivan Reis, this highly-detailed, hand-painted polystone […]


Suicide Squad Batman Statue

An enemy of the Suicide Squad strikes a pose with the Suicide Squad Batman Statue. A team of villains working together? What could possibly go wrong? The Dark Knight isn’t thrilled with Amanda Waller’s elite teams of villains, especially since he’s the reason so many […]


Amstel Hot Tub Tug

Go boating or lounge around in a hot tub? Why choose when you can do both in the Amstel Hot Tub Tug. Designed to look like a tug boat, this wood and fiberglass boat does double-duty as a wood-burning hot tub that seats up to […]


Submarine Sports Car

Do you still drive on dry land? Yeah? How utterly boring of you. Dare to be different with the Submarine Sports Car. You’ll need to be sitting down when you see the price, and you might actually need a defibrillator, too, but we’re talking about […]


Batman v Superman Batmobile Diorama

Batman v Superman had its fair share of problem (Martha, CGI Doomsday, Jesse ‘Lex Luthor’ Eisenberg) but the Batman v Superman Batmobile Diorama reveals one of the more awesome bits of BvS. Measuring approximately 10-inches in length, this wicked road machine has come a long […]


New 52 Green Lantern Statue

Hal Jordan’s power-ring-wielding alter-ego takes flight with the New 52 Green Lantern Statue. Sure, Marvel latched onto the title and made it official but lets be honest, the Green Lanterns were the first Guardians of the galaxy, and the first human to wield a power […]