Pez Dog Treat Dispenser

Dogs like to think they are people sometimes. And eating a nice treat from a Pez Dog Treat Dispenser will really please your dog. He sees you doing it so he just wants to join in on the fun. This giant PEZ Dog Treat Dispenser […]


Smart Dog Leash

If you ever feel like you’re packing for an around-the-world trip when it’s time to take the dog for a walk, the Smart Dog Leash will make your life a lot easier. There’s no doubt if this leash found its way to Middle-Earth, it would […]


GoDog Plush Zombiez

If you are looking to train your dog for the zombie apocalypse, check out these neat GoDog Plush Zombiez. They are a great way to teach Fido to tear zombies apart. These dog chew toys have a flat body with no stuffing and a crunchy […]


Wolverwiener T-Shirt

X-Men and Wolverine fans can get a drastically different take on everyone’s favorite cigar-chomping mutant with the Wolverwiener T-Shirt, which shows what could possibly happen if comic books were to suddenly decide that dogs were their target market. Wiener dogs might not seem especially intimidating […]

Square Pug Coffee Mug

Pug Mug

Owners of Pug dogs are very proud of their pets, judging by how many Pug pictures can be found on the internet. Those proud dog owners will want to drink from this Pug Mug and have a laugh at how cute it is. This square […]


Dog Tail Wall Hooks

Want a humorous way to hang your coat or your keys? Look no further than these Dog Tail Wall Hooks. They are a great conversation starter and they have a nice whimsical design. The hooks come in six colors: black, red, pink, green, blue, and […]


French Bulldog T-Shirt

French bulldogs are a comical breed of dog, as any Frenchie owner will attest. There’s no denying that these dogs have a lot of personality, and if you love the breed, you can showcase your love thanks to this interesting French Bulldog T-Shirt. Frenchies are […]

The Oppo Dog Muzzle Quack

The Quack Dog Muzzle

Do you have a dog that needs a muzzle every now and then? Well big or small, GeekAlerts has the perfect muzzle for your dog. The Quack Dog Muzzle ensures that your dog looks good, if you like ducks, when he/she needs to be muzzled. […]

Big Face Pug T-Shirt

Big Face Pug T-Shirt

When guys fail to be recognized by their good looks, brains, and charming personalities, they might then decide to use cute dogs to get positive attention in public. But a much easier way and cheaper way to get noticed is to wear the Big Face […]