Darth Vader Artwork

Fine Star Wars Artwork

If you love Star Wars, you won’t be satisfied with hanging any old posters on your wall. You want Fine Star Wars Artwork, like that available from KULT Studio. There are over 60 different Star Wars pieces, and a wide variety of styles are showcased. […]

Star Wars Collectors Puzzle

Star Wars Collectors Puzzle

Star Wars fans are going to enjoy this deal.  The officially licensed Star Wars Collectors Puzzle comes in a collectable tin and includes two puzzles; one is a 500 piece foil puzzle and the other is a 300 piece poster puzzle.  Both puzzles show classic […]

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Chewbacca Backpack

We’ve all seen Darth Vader in the shape of a backpack, but the closest we’ve ever come to a Chewie backpack before is probably this Gizmo model. But now you can finally walk around with a Wookiee strapped to your back. And there are two […]

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LEGO Star Wars Clock

What would happen if you took the Darth Vader Projector Alarm Clock and the LEGO Creator: Monster Dino from yesterday’s posts and mixed them together? OK, I know – you wouldn’t get this clock by doing that, but I had to start this entry with […]

Star Wars Art Book Covers

DIY Star Wars Art Book Covers

Make your very own custom Star Wars Art Book Covers designed by Star Wars artists Katie Cook and Grant Gould. You will need: plain white paper bag or large white paper, black crayon/marker, scissors, pencil, tape, and a book. (Link removed, because the page no […]


Chewbacca Supreme Edition Costume

So, you don’t want to join the dark side wearing the Darth Vader Costume? No problem, go for the Chewbacca Supreme Edition Costume ($400) instead. The supreme Chewbacca costume includes body suit is completely covered with hand layered multicolored long hair fur for an authentic […]

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Retro Star Wars T-shirts

Any of these t-shirts will pretty much make you look like you haven’t changed your outfit since that memorable day that changed your life back in 1977: Chewbacca ($26) R2-D2 & C-3PO ($28) Chewbacca and Han Solo ($28)