Charlie Sheen Mask

Charlie Sheen Mask

October 18, 2011 Hazel Chua 0

Charlie Sheen has had a pretty rough year, with his problems (although he doesn’t see it as such) being constantly publicized and his getting fired from the hit comedy, “Two and a Half Men.” But despite all that, I give Charlie props for being a […]

Charlie Sheen Talking Wacky Wobbler

Charlie Sheen Talking Wacky Wobbler

September 3, 2011 Patra Beaulieu 0

Wacky Wobblers have appeared on GeekAlerts before. They’re basically talking bobble heads filled with famous character’s original voices and words. Remember the Star Trek Wacky Wobbler versions of Spock, Captain Kirk, Scotty and Khan? While those Wacky Wobblers blurt out epic Star Trek quotes, the Charlie Sheen Talking Wacky […]

Tiger Blood Energy Drink

Tiger Blood Winning Energy Drink

March 6, 2011 Ryan Cooper 1

If you weren’t born with Adonis DNA and don’t have tiger blood coursing through your veins, you may feel like you aren’t special. It is even less likely that you feel you are a total bithin’ rock star from Mars. Don’t let defeat be an […]