Jason Todd Robin Sling Backpack

It doesn’t matter if you prefer Dick Grayson, Jason Todd, Tim Drake or any of the other young impressionable minds that have fought crime alongside Batman, the Jason Todd Robin Sling Backpack is a slick addition to your daily routine. Jason Todd had the unique […]


Zombie Animated Backpack

This Zombie Animated Backpack is demented, but also kind of cute. It’s a fun zombie backpack for kids and it won’t scare them so much that they run away shrieking. It has fun ears and the Zombie even drips snot from his nose. Gross. Which […]


Vampire Bat Backpack

People will look twice when they think you have a bat on your back but it will just be the Vampire Bat Backpack. Forget about having a monkey on your back because a vampire bat is way cooler. This 9-inch-wide, 18-inch-long backpack is made of […]


Star Wars Yoda Backpack Pal

With this Star Wars Yoda Backpack Pal, you can pretend that you are training to be a Jedi on Dagobah with the Jedi Master on your back. Or you could just, you know, store your stuff inside and just look cool. This polyester fiber Star […]


Batman Hooded Costume Backpack with Wings

Always be yourself… unless you can be Batman; then, always be Batman. It’s easier than ever to transform yourself into the Caped Crusader with the Batman Hooded Costume Backpack with Wings. Become Gotham City’s embodiment of Justice, while making sure you have a convenient way […]


Unicorn Hooded Backpack

If you’ve ever felt like the universe messed up by letting you be born as a human instead of as a mythical, one-horned horse, the Unicorn Hooded Backpack might help you feel like the natural order is back on track. Admit it. The cubicle rat-race […]


Superman Funko Backpack

If you are going to have a backpack buddy hanging off your back, it should be a hero you can trust. Someone who believes in truth, justice and the American way. Someone like this Superman Funko Backpack. This 100% polyester Superman Backpack is too cute […]