R/C Hovering Space Surfer

Here’s something you don’t see every day, a radio-controlled 9-inch “space surfer” that hovers in the air, spins 360 degrees, and moves left, right, backward and forward. Capable of indoor or outdoor flights, the space surfer has dual propellers that generate enough thrust to send […]

RC Dueling Space Marines

R/C Dueling Space Marines

Remember the ZFlyer R/C Astronaut from earlier this year? This looks like a mini version of that radio controlled toy, but this one is sold in pair. The goal here is to hit your opponent with laser beams, just like all those battling helicopters that […]

ZFlyer RC Astronaut

ZFlyer R/C Astronaut

The ZFlyer Hand Command R/C toy features an innovative and unique control system, where you use your body to lead the way for the flying astronaut. Hovering just above the ground in normal flight, when you place your hand underneath him, he’ll follow your lead […]