Alientech Entertainment Projector

Alientech AL-100 Entertainment Projector

This projector from Alientech allows you to easily “turn any room into a cinema or big-screen games room” by projecting a diagonal screen size up to 80 inches (200cm) large.

The Alientech AL-100 Entertainment Projector ($300) comes with built-in speakers and is compatible with TV, VCR, DVD players, most games consoles and other video sources. Simply plug it in, point and project – and you’re away.

Alientech Entertainment Projector

  • Optimal projection of 60” (150cm) diagonal image, maximum projection is 80” (200cm)
  • TFT LCD projector with 960 x 240 resolution
  • 4:3 aspect ratio
  • Compatible with TV, VCR, DVD players and other video sources
  • Works with most gaming consoles
  • NTSC and PAL compatible
  • RCA composite interface, cables included
  • On screen display with brightness, contrast, colour and hue control
  • Manual lens focus
  • Vertical projector stand included for projecting onto the ceiling
  • Portable design with built-in sound and with volume control
  • Easy to set-up and simple to operate
  • Runs at DC 12A, AC adaptor included
  • Uses standard 45-watt MR-16 12V halogen bulb
  • 4000 hour bulb life (average)
  • For best result, use in a dark room on a light coloured screen, wall or ceiling
  • Dimensions:# L 37cm / 14.5”, W 14cm / 5.5″, H13cm / 5″

    Entry updated. Thanks to Seth Bishop at Group Plc (European distributor of AL100 Projector) for providing the info regarding the name of the product.

    Alientech AL-100 Entertainment Projector


    1. Kevin,

      Did you find out if the projector works with laptops? I just bought one under the assumption it would work with my s-video output connector on my laptop.



    2. Hi Ryan

      I went searching for all the product reference sites mentioned by others here but found no reference to laptop use. I use the projector from work so didn’t end up buying one. Did your laptop work on it?

    3. Do not buy if you want it for xbox 360 absoulute crap,i think they were built for cartoons because image is clear on them…….they ar toys not b b gadgets.

    4. hey i was wonderin if i should get one of these and if they r gud enuf to use with a 360 ?
      not high quality but goo enough lol

    5. I have Alientech AL-100 projector and I bought it very cheap. Most projectors when the lamp burns out the price would be close to buying a new projector. This one is very economical since it uses MR-16 halogen bulb which u can find in any house supply/ electrical shops. If u want to use a projector most of the time without worrying about the lamp then this is the projector your looking for. Don’t expect the quality of this device to be as good as the VGA projectors, but for movie and game viewing the picture isn’t bad either. You can connect it to your laptop using VGA to TV converter but the text will be blurry so you have to set the computer to at least 800×600. Pixel display is dotted in diagonal manner, more like looking to the flip display viewer of a sony handy cam. The lens can be adjusted to give smooth or pixelated picture. I hope these helps

    6. Hi there I also have a AL-100 projector. I bought it last Christmas, and I’ve only used it 3-4 times. I’ve tried to watch movies and games on it, but the colours are not showing properly ie green grass appears orange etc. Night viewing is poor. I tried adjusting colour controls, brightness etc, but I can’t seem to get a good picture. Any tips on how to improve picture quality?

    7. Hey guys. Does anyone know of any info on this company? I found one of these in a thrift store but the bulb doesn’t light up. I’ll try a new one, but I have a feeling it isn’t the bulb. Do you guys think it’s worth taking it to a TV repair place to see if they can fix it?

    8. i got mine for $89. but i can’t get it to work,the light come on bright then ,go low i can see a light but it’s to dim to show video. do any one know of a simple fix?

    9. i have just purchased the al-100 entertainment projector from ebay when the power is on the fans go but there is no picture no light what so ever ? above someone claims MR-16 halogen bulb works is this true and what watts as there is 20 and a 50 ? very cheap indead so is it genuine info or should i send this machine back? i bought it for my grand kid to play her wii on as it seems cheaper than buying a tv , any help appreciated thankyou

    10. How can my AL-100 work with my laptop?

      On the box, says can be used, but can’t find the cable the works?

      thanks……………. NEED HELP !!

    11. Dear Sirs, acquired a projector through Amazon and I can not see any picture on it, only casts light bulb, I tested with 2 DVD players and 2 laptops and neither, all I get is playing only sound Do not know if I set something before, but the buttons do not respond operation. Would know much appreciated to guide me about it or show me any reference from the manufacturer to communicate with them. Greetings

    12. To start, I don’t work for this company nor do I represent them – don’t ask me stupid questions! I won’t return to this forum, it is not my homepage. If you don’t know what a COMPONENT cable is, then you should just go get yourself a sundial and watch it move. If you don’t know what S-Video is, look it up on Google or Wikipedia.

      To answer ALL of your questions.

      Laptops? Laptops have one of 3 if any video outputs. You would need either a 7 pin or a 4 pin S-Video cable, and use an S-Video to Component Video converter box or adapter. If your laptop already has a component jack, then just plug in a component cable connecting your device to the projector. Consult your laptop’s manufacturer to activate that output mode on your laptop if you don’t know.

      If you see a bright light followed by a dim light, there is NOTHING wrong with your bulb! It’s just not set right. Turn the volume up to midway or so and hold the MENU button down for 30 seconds or so. You will hear a beep from the speaker when it’s done resetting.

      If you don’t see any light coming from your projector whatsoever, even after hitting the reset button, then you need a new bulb.

      The replacement bulb calls for a 12 volt 35 watt MR-16 Halogen bulb. This bulb is less than 6 bucks at Walmart.

      As far as setting the video, it’s a real bitch. You only have 4 options, Tint (Brightness), Tone (Contrast), Color (Saturation), Color Scheme (Hue). It takes a long time to get it set right, technically there’s over 100 thousand possible combinations.

      Like I said, I’m not here to answer stupid questions continually, just here to answer them once.

      If you’d like more assistance, I’ll charge you what GeekSquad charges, which is a 50 dollar MINIMUM for phone support.

    13. im having a simple problem…how to i get my al-100 projector to display my playstation 3…it plays the sound but no picture

    14. I Bought one of those, first step adjust the picture quality,( brightness and contrast), second step adjust the volume, easy… the noise fan it is low… and the best part of the party is … last step and the most importan use a completely white wall… and voila.. please follow those recomendations…

    15. Hey I have one of these (well I found it in my garage) and it worked when I finally hooked the cords to the right color-coded places, but now I can’t get the movie to play. The movie’s main menu (it’s connected to a dvd player)is being projected but when I press play on the dvd player it does not play. I don’t have the instructions please help!

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