Doctor Who TARDIS Tea Cup

Doctor Who TARDIS Tea Cup

What does a Time Lord use to drink tea? A Doctor Who TARDIS Tea Cup, of course, which makes this the perfect way for Whovians to drink tea, too.

This TARDIS-style cup is available with or without the saucer and spoon so you get to decide how much Whovian goodness your kitchen can handle. Unlike the TARDIS itself, the cup is not bigger on the inside so expect it to hold approximately 14 -16 fluid ounces of tea, coffee, soup, ice cream, or whatever you like to enjoy while kicking back and watching Doctor Who.

Each cup and saucer are thrown on the potter’s wheel, hand painted with black clay & various glazes, hand carved and then stamped with custom made clay stamps that I made just for this item.

Glazed on the inside with starry white & blue glazes and on the outside in my own version of Tardis blue (non-toxic), which contains hints of darker blue, lighter blues and hazy green nebula mists.

You may use this set daily in normal fashion and without worry. The design will not scratch off or be marred by normal use in any way.

It is 100% microwave safe & 100% dishwasher safe and will literally last 10’s of thousands of years if treated properly. Enjoy at will !

The Doctor Who TARDIS Tea Cup is available for $36 at DragonflyArts’ Etsy store, while the cup and spoon are $48, the cup and saucer are $50, and the complete set of cup, saucer, and spoon are available for $62.


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