Portable MP3 and CD Player Combo

Portable MP3 and CD Player Combo

Yong-Seong Kim has come up with this cool concept of a portable player that will work both as an MP3 and CD player.

Just open both sides and insert you digital disc if you want to enjoy the music the old-timer’s way. More images at Yanko Design.

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12 Responses to “Portable MP3 and CD Player Combo”

  1. well you can expect more doctor’s visits due to the spinnign cd slicing people’s hands

  2. That’s probably true. 🙂

  3. That’s really cool…and the CD show is good (“It’s Real” by Wheesung). Great display 🙂

  4. cool player, slim

  5. this is real beautiful player

  6. With no casing, one has to wonder if the disc will not malfunction abruptly due to its vulnerability to external elements like dirt and dust

  7. Yes Enock, I guess you would need to be quite careful with a CD player like this.

    Thanks for all your comments folks!

  8. Interesting gadget. When i have buying here?

  9. The “Portable MP3 and CD Player Combo” is only a concept so far.

  10. Simple to save, very future tech

  11. so simple but seems dangerous for the spinning cd

  12. why do you have to ‘open’ it to play cds? keepitstupidlysimple! maybe open and close to fixate the cd? Nice renders btw =)

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