iPod Case with Notepad

iPod Case with Notepad

“iPod notesbog” (the iPod pad) is an iPod case with an integrated notepad. The brand new product is designed and produced by the Danish company Scripta.

The case is made of leather and features the notepad on one side and the holder for the iPod on the other side. There’s a hole for the earphones at the bottom and you will be able to access all the controls while your player sits safely inside the case.

iPod Case with Notepad

The iPod Case with Notepad is compatible with iPod Nano 3G (a 4G version will be out in January 2009). The product is available from Scripta for 139 DKK (about $27 USD).

(Via Smidigt)

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19 Responses to “iPod Case with Notepad”

  1. I thought this was a little craft thing someone has made but a company is selling them! A cool idea though.

  2. That’s a sleek little design there! I would only suggest a place for a pen. I have a pen that folds up to only 3 inches in length and attaches nicely to my notepad. It’s very convenient.

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