Illuminated Emoticon T-Shirt

Illuminated Emoticon T-Shirt

If you are tired of the Batman Light-Up T-Shirt that we covered here at GeekAlerts last year, here is something new to light up the day for you and the people around you.

This cool light-up t-shirt features four different emoticons that you can choose to illuminate depending on your mood or the message you wish to convey.

You can show a happy face, a sad face, a winking face or a surprised face, depending on how you feel. A glow in the dark/UV reactive screen print completes the effect.

The Illuminated Emoticon T-Shirt requires 4xAAA batteries. The product goes on sale on the 20th of November 2009 with a recommended retail price of £29.99 (about $48).

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  1. Wow actually will be moving

  2. I will buy my girlfriend one,so that i know how is her mood 🙂

  3. Wow nice….. actually will be moving good keep it up…

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