Custom Doctor Who TARDIS Converse Chucks

Doctor Who TARDIS Converse Chucks

Whenever you put two classics together, you always get a winning combo. Such is the case with this killer pair of Custom Doctor Who TARDIS Converse Chucks.

Chuck Taylor All Stars have been around for almost a century. With a shoe this timeless, it’s no surprise that they’ve turned into TARDIS teleporters. But with funky electric blue uppers, black soles and bright white shoe laces, you won’t risk looking like a flaming blast from the past.

Custom Doctor Who TARDIS Converse Chucks

  • Authentic Converse All Star Hi-tops
  • The only hand added part of the shoes is the Police Box door sign on the outside of each sneaker.

Show off your athletic prowess and love for Doctor Who by snapping up a pair of Custom Doctor Who TARDIS Converse Chucks on for $115.

Also by the same designer, there is whole collection of custom-made Chucks inspired by seven different houses from “Game of Thrones.”

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  1. I WANT THIS!!! Is there any way I could get a pair that is less expensive?? Please?? I want them real bad but $115 is too much money 🙁

  2. Do these have any leather on them or are have they got completely man made materials?

  3. I really want these!!! But $115…. 🙁

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