Multi-Charger with Dual USB Hub for Cars

USB Multi-Charger for Cars

The new in-car power splitter with USB ports from mobile phone accessory market leaders Santok offers multiple charging and power solutions for mobile phones and gadgets.

If you need to power more than one piece of electrical equipment in your car, then here is a clever solution. This in-car charger splitter converts a regular cigarette lighter socket into two 12v sockets and, in addition, also has two USB charging sockets. This allows up to four electrical items to be charged simultaneously. So, if you need to power your Sat Nav and charge your phone at the same time, you can now do so easily.

USB Multi-Charger for Cars

The splitter unit has a jointed arm that can be angled into a convenient position, so it’s versatile enough to fit in virtually any car. In addition, there’s a user-replaceable fuse as an extra safety feature.

The In-Car Splitter with USB Ports is available from the Santok website (no word on pricing).

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