Warchief Thrall’s Doomhammer

When 29 year old replica artist Harrison Krix gets asked to help on a “little” project he takes it very seriously. As you can see by the detail in the replica Warchief Thrall’s Doomhammer, Harrison didn’t fool around. He used real materials, like 3/8″ sintra […]

Warcraft Stoneware Stein

World of Warcraft Stoneware Stein

GeekAlerts has shown you the Warcraft Mugs, so we thought you were ready to step it up to the next level.  The World of Warcraft Stoneware Stein is a limited edition collectible by artist James Zhang.  These steins offer fine-grain stoneware with a solid pewter […]

World of Warcraft Mugs

Warcraft Mugs

If you are a fan of Blizzard Entertainment’s World of Warcraft, and who isn’t even Mr. T loves it with his Night Elf Mohawk, then you are going to enjoy drinking your favorite beverages from the Warcraft Mugs.  These sculpted mugs each representing a city […]