Star Wars Force FX Yoda Lightsaber

Star Wars Force FX Yoda Lightsaber

Yoda knows how to wield a lightsaber and now you can wield his weapon of choice with this Star Wars Force FX Yoda Lightsaber. This is an authentic lightsaber licensed by LucasFilm. It features ignite with authentic power up/down effects. Unleash your inner green Jedi. […]


Star Wars Lightsaber Skirt

The Star Wars Lightsaber Skirt is an elegant skirt for a more civilized age; not as clumsy or random as a skort. Not that there’s anything wrong with a pair of shorts that has a piece of fabric covering the front, but the Force is […]


Star Wars Motion Lamp

These Star Wars Motion Lamps are a fun decoration for your Star Wars inspired room. They are lava lamps that look like lightsabers. You can choose either Luke Skywalker or Darth Vader. They are 18″ tall, with a base that is 4 3/4″ in diameter. […]