iZombie Supa Hot T-Shirt

Everything tastes better with hot sauce, right? Yes, and that even includes the grey matter between your ears on the iZombie Supa Hot T-Shirt. Liv Moore (best zombie name ever) eats brains on The CWs iZombie because her new zombie diet requires it. However, she […]


iZombie Take A Bite T-Shirt

Eat brains. Solve crimes. It’s just another day in the undead life of Liv Moore on the iZombie Take A Bite T-Shirt. Featuring Rose McIver as Olivia “Liv” Moore from the popular iZombie television show, this black 100% cotton tee lets you show your support […]

Vertigo iZombie Statue

Vertigo iZOMBIE Statue

Meet Gwen. She might think you have a nice body but she mainly wants you for your brain. The Vertigo iZOMBIE Statue is the best type of zombie because you can bring it home without worrying about becoming somebody’s late-night snack. Based on the character […]