Chimichanga Dude T-Shirt

Hang on to your pepperoni and watch where you stick that salami because the Chimichanga Dude T-Shirt has merged a teenage mutant ninja turtle with Marvel Comics ‘Merc with a Mouth,’ Deadpool. It’s the mash-up that doesn’t make sense… until you think about it. After […]


Marvel Deadpool Bottle Opener

Replace your boring bottle opener with this geektastic Marvel Deadpool Bottle Opener and let the Marvel Superhero open your bottles for you. This might be the most awesome Marvel bottle opener yet. The Merc with a Mouth will now serve you proudly every time you […]


Deadpool Shark Punch T-Shirt

One of the craziest characters in the Marvel universe is Deadpool…And the Deadpool Shark Punch T-Shirt shows just how crazy the ‘merc with a mouth’ really is. It takes someone with a certain type of mindset to take on a shark hand-to-hand (hand-to-fin?). Of course, […]


Deadpool Pint Glass

I think most Marvel fans will agree that Deadpool is not someone to mess with, but he could make for a good drinking partner. The 6 inch Deadpool Pint Glass features Deadpool taking aim on the front and his name and Marvel logo on the […]


Deadpool Premium Format Figure

Call him crazy or insane; just don’t call him ugly because Marvel’s Merc with a Mouth knows a thousand ways to kill you… with just his pinkie. The Deadpool Premium Format Figure captures one of the most colorful characters in Marvel comics, and this is […]

Marvel Universe Deadpool Full Zip Hoodie

Deadpool Hoodie

If you want to look just like your favorite Marvel hero Deadpool, look no further than this awesome Deadpool Hoodie. Just zip up and you are instantly Marvel’s wisecracking hero. The hood has eyeholes and transforms into a mask when pulled over your head. Perfect […]

Spider-Man Clone Trooper

Clone Trooper Mash Ups

If you’re a fan of Star Wars, comics and all things cool, you’ve probably seen Jon Bolerjack’s previous work posted on GeekAlerts, Star Wars Merged Superheroes and Wolverine and Mega Man Mash Ups. Well when Jon told us he had a few new Clone Trooper […]