Super Awesome Postcard Book

Super Awesome Postcard Book

May 4, 2015 Conner Flynn 0

Sending postcards is not as popular as it once was, but maybe this Super Awesome Postcard Book can help bring it back. The Super Awesome Postcard Book contains 30 awesome postcards. There’s something for everyone. It has everything from boxing kangaroos to daredevils and spontaneous […]


TMNT Awesome Boxers

February 28, 2014 Conner Flynn 0

Cowabunga dude! These TMNT Awesome Boxers are awesome. They even say it. “This is what Awesome looks like”. If you agree and are a fan of the heroes in a half shell, these shorts are for you. These 100% cotton TMNT Awesome Boxers live up […]

Autobacon t-shirt

Autobacon T-Shirt

September 23, 2012 Jack Kieffer 0

Linux?  Windows?  Mac?  None of the above, my friends – I’m going with the brand new Autobacon.  What does it do?  Well, like the Chromebook, it only has one function. Unlike the Chromebook, the Autobacon’s one function is the ability to print bacon. Now, depending […]