Anti-Gravity Platform

Anti-Gravity Platform

Gravity is usually considered one of those essential things required to get you through your day, but it’s always fun to find a way to cheat it. Fans of Doctor Who will no doubt be impressed by the Doctor Who Levitating TARDIS, but those who […]

Air Hogs Zero Gravity Micro RC Car

Zero Gravity Micro R/C Car

This radio-controlled, zero gravity, mini racing car is introduced as “the next generation of upside down-driving vehicles” – a smaller version of those wall-climbing R/C toys you might have come across before. Believe it or not, this sporty little racer is capable of driving across […]


Moon Shoes

Put on the Moon Shoes, grab yourself a pack of that yummy Astronaut Ice Cream and enjoy the anti-gravity. The strap-on sandals have adjustable bindings to fit up to a USA men’s size 9. Available in two different colors: Moon Shoes – Black ($28) Moon […]