NAP Massaging Bed Rest

NAP Massaging Bed Rest

If your bed is your happy place, then using the NAP Massaging Bed Rest must be Disneyland.

The plush material of the NAP Massaging Bed Rest is like that of a big teddy bear. But this time, the bear gets to hug you. The moment you flip on the massager, you won’t have any other choice but to surrender to a nap. If your favorite reading nook is in bed, this bed rest props you in a comfortable reading position with its dual arm rests, and then you have a convenient LED light at the headrest to take your reading experience over the top. Where else can you read a book and get a massage at the same time? Sure, it might take you a year to finish your book but that will probably be the only thing you have to worry about.

NAP Massaging Bed Rest

NAP Massaging Bed Rest

  • Built-in massager provides targeted muscle relaxation
  • Choose a stimulating vibration massage (high or low speed) 
or pulsating program to relieve sore, tired muscles
  • Covered in our ultra-plush, NapSoft material
  • Focused, super-bright LED light bends into any position
  • Large side pockets keep magazines, books, remote controls—even your reading glasses—at your side
  • Built-in cup holder
  • Lets you fold the bed rest flat, carry it away with the built-in handle, and store it under your bed or in a closet
  • Includes AC adapter

The cupholder and side pockets are built in because after you get in this thing, you won’t want to fathom the idea of getting up. Therefore, before you even enter the black hole, you can prepare for your stay with snacks, drinks, your remote(s) and anything else you can’t live without. Who said bed rest was so bad anyway?

Order the NAP Massaging Bed Rest for $99.99 at Also sold at Brookstone and featured on GeekAlerts is this literally cool Bed Fan that is perfect for hot-blooded sleepers.

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