Hello Kitty iPod DJ Speaker

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Hello Kitty iPod DJ Speaker

From Japan, of course, comes this Hello Kitty speaker that connects to your iPod or any other audio device, and then allows you and the Kitty DJ to dig the music together.

Hello Kitty in a DJ booth with a speaker in the base is a pretty cool juxtaposition of dance music and Kitty. She even bops her head back and forth with the music.


  • Hello Kitty Speaker features a DJ style Hello Kitty who bops her head back and forth.
  • Mono Speaker is NOT amplified. It runs off the power of whatever audio source you feed it.
  • Plugs into the headphone jack on your MP3, CD player, iPod etc.
  • Requires 1 AA battery (not included) to power Hello Kitty’s Head.
  • Dimesions: 18cm x 9cm x 9.5cm.
  • Imported from Japan.

Hello Kitty iPod DJ Speaker

The Hello Kitty Action DJ Speaker is available in two colors: pink and black. You can purchase the product from the ThinkGeek website for $24.99.

(Random Good Stuff via Ubergizmo)

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12 Responses to “Hello Kitty iPod DJ Speaker”

  1. Download mp3 online Reply November 9, 2008 at 7:43 pm

    I have bought an ipod few months ago and i think i will buy this thing:)

  2. i love this product…but is delivering in greece;;;;;

  3. i love it im goin to buy it

  4. its a good price i have to have it

  5. where can i buy the hello kitty DJ speaker? its not on the website-thanks


  6. i love it and i love it and i will buy it but where is it because i love it and i am going to have it and use it to listen to my music. thanks.

  7. iii need to but one for my ipod…like i have to!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Hi. I tried searching on the geek website but cant find the hello kitty speaker. How can i buy it?

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