Waldo Striped & Stalked Tee

Waldo Striped & Stalked T-Shirt

You ever feel like everyone is staring at you? Well, how do you think this guy feels? Poor Waldo. Everyone is always trying to find you. The Waldo Striped & Stalked T-Shirt by Diego Pedauyé puts a unique twist on Waldo’s life….We used to think […]


Where’s the Zombie

Forget about Waldo and Wally because Where’s the Zombie is the book that has you looking for the spreaders of the zombie apocalypse. With their deathly pallor, sorry conversational skills, and unique dietary needs, you’d think finding a group of ten zombies would be easy […]

Where's Waldo Sublimation T-Shirt

Where’s Waldo Sublimation T-Shirt

Way back in the day, before even GameBoy was a thing, kids passed the time with games like Where’s Waldo (Where’s Wally for the UK peeps). The Where’s Waldo Sublimation T-Shirt lets you relive those golden, innocent times, and you don’t even need to carry […]