DC Superheroines Fleece Throw Blanket

Men and women appreciate female Superheroines for different reasons, but we can all agree that these ladies kick butt. Celebrate some of DC Comics female heroes with this awesome DC Superheroines Fleece Throw Blanket. This cozy fleece blanket features 3 amazing ladies from the DC […]


Adventure Time Throw

If you’re looking for the perfect throw blanket to accompany your Adventure Time Cuddle Pillows, look no further than the Adventure Time Throw. Featuring best buds Jake & Finn, this 100% polyester blanket will keep you warm as you sit back and enjoy all the […]

Domo Fleece Blanket

Domo Blanket

Yes, we all know Winter is Coming!…but thankfully that doesn’t mean we’re going to have to fight off Wildlings, White Walkers or Giants. Normal folk just want to stay warm as they sit their butts on the couch with a bowl of treats and enjoy […]

Wonder Woman Fleece Throw Blanket

Wonder Woman Fleece Blanket

With all these Wonder Woman products hitting the market again, one begins to “wonder” if she is going to make her big 21st century comeback. Rumor has it that a script is underway. Don’t let Megan Fox play Wonder Woman though, because she doesn’t deserve the part. […]

Jack & Friends Cuddly Blanket Owl

Cuddly Owl Blanket

Even though I’ve never cuddled a real owl before, it would be the one bird I’d want to cuddle most. Owls are soft, round, have beautiful eyes, and they have this mystical quality about them. While most of us will never know what cuddling an owl is like, at […]

I Love You More Throw

I Love You More Blanket

Most geeks rise to greatness because their moms have loved and nurtured them through the good and bad. Next month is the time to show your mom just how much you love her back, which is more. Give her the I Love You More Blanket for Mother’s Day. Since saying […]