Mini LED Camping Light

August 26, 2008 Robert Birming 0

If you don’t like the thought of wasting your energy with a wind-up LED light during your camping trips, here’s a battery-powered alternative that might be just the ticket.


10-LED Gooseneck USB Lamp

August 15, 2008 Robert Birming 1

This gooseneck lamp is powered via the USB port of your computer and it will light up your workspace with its ten bright white and long-lasting light-emitting diodes.


USB Glitter Rocket

August 14, 2008 Robert Birming 2

The “send your stress to the moon with the USB Glitter Rocket” description might not fit all, but if you’re looking for an alternative to the USB Mini Lava Lamp, this might be just the ticket.


Nymph – Insect Inspired Lamp

August 6, 2008 Robert Birming 12

Nymph, as in “the immature form of some insects”, is the name of this odd and cool looking lamp by Site Specific Design – an interior and furniture design company based in Brooklyn, New York.


Philips LivingColors LED Lamp – Mini Edition

August 1, 2008 Robert Birming 4

Remember the beautiful LivingColors LED Lamp from last year? Philips is now about to release a mini version, featuring 256 different color modes. Although smaller in size the Mini LivingColors still emits an amazing amount of light like its predecessor. The unit itself now looks […]


Flying R/C UFO Lamp

July 23, 2008 Robert Birming 2

The Japanese video game developer Taito is giving you a chance to light up your room in a way that would even make Fox Mulder jealous, using a flying UFO inspired radio-controlled lamp.

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Disco Laser Mini Projector

June 23, 2008 Robert Birming 4

Remember that Disco Laser Pointer from a couple of weeks ago? This similar green laser mini projector also features a stand, allowing you to keep your hands free while projecting star patterns all around you.

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USB Hub with Notebook Light

June 23, 2008 Robert Birming 0

This combo gadget features a 4-port USB 2.0 compliant hub that delivers up to 480 Mbps data transmission and an integrated notebook light that can be rotated 180 degrees.

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USB Fan with LED Light

May 15, 2008 Robert Birming 2

This 2-in-1 USB gadget will help you to keep cool during the hot summer days, and it will shed some light during those dark and cold winter nights.

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Mini LED Tap Light

May 13, 2008 Robert Birming 0

This super bright mini LED light is a clever solution when you need some extra light in your cupboard, drawer, storage bin etc. It will also save you the wiring installation time and hassle.