Dark Elf Statue by Luis Royo

Fantasy art soars from the canvas to become a statue with the Dark Elf Statue by Luis Royo. Designed by the fantasy artist himself, the Dark Elf stands 20-inches tall, ready for battle even as she wipes blood away. Based on the winged warrior of […]

Fantasy Dragon Hair Clips - Red Dragon

Fantasy Dragon Hair Clips

Your name might not be Daenerys but you can still imagine yourself to be the mother of dragons with these Fantasy Dragon Hair Clips, offering three different creatures to tame your wild hair. Not even she who is known as Stormborn can use her pets […]

Wiz-War Board Game

Wiz-War Board Game

Add some epic fantasy to your next game night with the Wiz-War Board Game. It’s a fast paced adventure board game for 2-4 players. The game includes sculpted miniatures for wizard and shapeshifters and you should get a lot of replay from this game if […]