Luxury Cat Dish Bowl

Your cat is special. You treat them like royalty, so they should have a special dish. This Luxury Cat Dish Bowl is perfect. This silver-plated ceramic luxury cat dish bowl measures 5-inches in diameter and is fit for royalty. Cat royalty of course. It looks […]

Slo Bowl

Slo-Bowl Dog Food Bowl

As pet owners know, dogs have a habit of eating way too fast, which isn’t good for them. The Slo-Bowl can help slow your dog down and reduce bloat, regurgitation, even obesity. This special slo-bowl holds up to two cups of dry food. Slowing your […]


Spider-Man Soap Dish

Let Spider-Man teach your child about proper hygiene with this neat Spider-Man Soap Dish. You supply the soap while Spidey supplies the attitude. Spider-Man will make sure that your soap stays in one place and doesn’t slip and slide around. He is on the case! […]