Wine Bottle Flash Drive

Wine Bottle Flashdrive

A line from The Script’s “For the First Time” played in my head the moment I saw the Wine Bottle Flash Drive: Drinking on cheap bottles of wine, sit, talking up all night..

But anyway, this isn’t about the song, it’s about wine bottles, USB flash drives, and portable memory sticks. The Wine Bottle Flashdrive is a combination of all three, as it’s a flash drive in the guise of a bottle of wine.

They’re high-speed USB drives and would make fantastic presents to wine lovers. The cool thing is that you can send off a special request to the manufacturer, who can then put your own wine label onto the wine bottle drives. (However, I think they’ll only do that for bulk orders.)

Stay sober even after you’ve emptied out the Wine Bottle Flash Drive, available on for $12.99.

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