Welcome to the Internet Art Print

Welcome to the Internet Art Print

Cats rule the web and the Welcome to the Internet Art Print introduces you to the frisky feline that rules them all.

What’s better than a kitty doing cute things? Better than memes sharing grouchy wisdom from Grumpy Cat? How about a pistol-packing cat on the back of a fire-breathing unicorn?

No longer content to just wait for people to stumble across his cuteness, this cat has loaded his golden Desert Eagle, accessorized with a Rambo-style bandana, and climbed onto a fiery unicorn with glowing eyes. His mission? To take over the Internet or die trying. Sure, the background looks like an old 8-bit video game but you can’t deny the awesomeness of the cat.

The Welcome to the Internet Art Print is available for $25 at Sharpwriter’s Etsy store.

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