Wolverine Sixth Scale Figure

The Wolverine Sixth Scale Figure

Hey bub, what are you waiting for? The Wolverine Sixth Scale Figure lets you bring home everybody’s favorite X-Man, who happens to look a lot like Hugh Jackman. Everybody’s crazy about a sharp-dressed mutant, and Wolvie is looking pretty sharp in his all-black ensemble, but […]


Magneto Costume Hoodie

You might not gain mastery over magnetism but the Magneto Costume Hoodie will definitely pull all eyes towards you, and your magnetic personality can do the rest when it comes to assembling your own Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. The 100% cotton hoodie resembles the colorful […]


Harley Quinn Harley Kini Bikini

Want to make sexy a little crazy when at the beach or lounging by the pool? The Harley Quinn Harley Kini Bikini lets you transform yourself into a sun-worshiping version of Gotham City’s main mad woman. Harley Quinn’s head-to-toe jester leotard has lost a considerable […]


I’m a John Byrne Guy T-Shirt

It seems like the characters in comic books are the ones that always get the attention so it’s nice to see the I’m a John Byrne Guy T-Shirt arrive on the scene because comic book artists and writers deserve a little love too, especially when […]


Wolverine Swords T-Shirt

Wolverine usually has a rough time when he visits Japan and this time is no different on the Wolverine Swords T-Shirt, which features the comic book version of the adamantium-boned mutant doing his best pin cushion impression. A costumed Logan kneels in front of the […]


Marvel Heroes Bottle Opener

Have a drink with your favorite Marvel superheroes and let them do all of the work when it comes to opening the bottle too. This Marvel Heroes Panel Images Bottle Opener is the perfect bottle opener to keep with you so you are always ready […]


Wolverine Electronic Claw

Snikt! Listen up, Bub. Having an Adamantium skeleton and being a mutant bad-ass isn’t something that just anybody can pull off, but the Wolverine Electronic Claw brings you one step closer to being like the coolest X-Man to ever walk the Marvel universe. Now you […]


Wolverwiener T-Shirt

X-Men and Wolverine fans can get a drastically different take on everyone’s favorite cigar-chomping mutant with the Wolverwiener T-Shirt, which shows what could possibly happen if comic books were to suddenly decide that dogs were their target market. Wiener dogs might not seem especially intimidating […]


Emma Frost Legendary Scale Bust

Emma Frost has caused the X-Men more than their fair share of trouble with sexiness and the ability to be just as cold as her last name suggests, and the Emma Frost Legendary Scale Bust lets you take this sometimes-friend-sometimes-foe home with you. Let’s go […]


Giant Size X-Men Mug

If you are an X-Man fan then you already know about the Giant Size X-Men #1 issue or have at least seen the cover. Well, this Giant-Size X-Men Mug lets you enjoy your coffee in a mug with that cover wrapped around it. It shows […]


Wolverine Bookend

If you have some awesome books that you want to keep safe and organized, the Wolverine Bookend is just the thing to keep your personal library in tip-top shape. Everyone’s favorite cigar-chomping mutant is rocking the regular wardrobe these days on the big screen but […]