Duff Beer Can Koozie

Duff Beer Can/Bottle Cooler Sleeve

Duff Beer is Homer’s #1 pick as far as summertime beverages go. But for best results Duff Beer is most delicious when enjoyed ice-cold, says he. Whether you’re drinking cerveza out of the can or bottle, make extra sure that you insulate with the Duff Beer Can/Bottle Cooler Sleeve.


Duff Energy Drink

Any fan of The Simpsons knows of Duff Beer. While you can’t pop in to Moe’s Tavern for a cold Duff, visit the Duff Gardens amusement park, or watch Duffman push the beverage at a ballgame, you can enjoy a tasty Duff Energy Drink. Although […]


Homer Simpson Talking Doorbell

The Homer Simpson talking doorbell features a push-button with Homer’s face and the words ‘Ding Dong!’. The receiver comes in the shape of the Springfield dad in his favorite armchair, making sure to let you know as soon someone’s at the door.

Animated Homer Simpson Phone

Animated Homer Simpson Phone

From KNG America, the company that brought us the Animated Spider-Man Phone, comes this similar product designed like the famous Springfield dad. The Animated Homer Simpson Phone ($44) features Homer in his favorite chair, taking a much needed nap after a hard day’s work. When […]

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Simpsons Doughnut Maker

The Simpsons Doughnut Maker ($51) produces a batch of 6 perfect doughnuts in a few minutes. It’s easy to clean and some recipes are included. Just don’t eat too many of those treacherous doug rings. You don’t want to wake up one day, just to […]