Pulp Fiction Bad Mother Leather Wallet

Pulp Fiction BMF Wallet

Anyone who’s seen “Pulp Fiction” would distinctly recall that diner scene where hitman Jules (played by Samuel L. Jackson) has a paradigm shift and tries to be the “shepherd” leading a couple of moronic wannabe-robbers towards the path of the righteous. As the spastic couple point guns at his face, Jules calmly manages to get […]


Thor Mjolnir Prop Replica

The power of Thor can be yours with this amazing Thor Mjolnir Prop Replica. Rule Asgard with this finely detailed Thor Mjolnir Hammer of Thor Prop Replica crafted from aged steel. You can be sure that it is movie accurate as well since it is […]


Warchief Thrall’s Doomhammer

When 29 year old replica artist Harrison Krix gets asked to help on a “little” project he takes it very seriously. As you can see by the detail in the replica Warchief Thrall’s Doomhammer, Harrison didn’t fool around. He used real materials, like 3/8″ sintra […]

Small Dancing Snack People Signs

Small Dancing Snacks Sign Set

A lot of home theaters I see are designed seriously modern and hi-tech, but they lack that certain something; cheesiness. Public theaters have always been cheesy in nature in my opinion; from the psychedelic carpeting, to the silly trivia quizzes before previews, to the bright yellow cheese that saturates wannabe nacho […]

classic star wars movie posters

Classic Star Wars Movie Posters

Go back to where it all began…For all you Star Wars aficionados, the Classic Star Wars Movie Posters are going to be a must have addition for your collection.  These reprints of the George Lucas Star Wars film capture all the great imagery of the […]