Calico Jacks Pirate Raiders Minimates Pirateship

Calico Jacks Pirate Raiders Minimates

You’ve seen Minimates before with the Real Ghostbusters and now Diamond Select is expanding their Minimates line with Calico Jacks Pirate Raiders.  These are sure to be a hit when they are released later this summer since Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides is […]

RC Pirate vs Ninja

R/C Pirate vs Ninja

Yesterday I said that the Vampire Bat definitely would have made it to the Top 13 Strangest R/C Toys list. Here’s another radio controlled toy that should deserve a top 5 position on an updated version of that list. This set includes two inflatable figures, […]

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Pirate Toast Stamper

Start the day with a slice of pirate toast using the Pirate Toast Stamper ($3). Just press this 3.5″ x 3″ plastic Pirate Toast Stamper into a piece of bread, then put your bread in the toaster on a dark setting. The resulting toast will […]