Hogwarts Ravenclaw Gryffindor Hufflepuff Slytherin Bookmarks

Harry Potter Hogwarts Bookmarks

Are you looking for officially licensed collectible bookmarks that can stand up to a lot of reading?  The Harry Potter Hogwarts Bookmarks are 24K gold and silver plated and represent the four legendary houses of Hogwarts.  These bookmarks are perfect for fans of the Harry […]

officially licensed harry potter proclamation board

Harry Potter Proclamation Board

Hey all you Harry Potter fans, here is the officially licensed Harry Potter Proclamation Board.  Do you remember good old Dolores Umbridge and her appointment to the Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher?  We all know that didn’t work out well for Harry and the […]


Life Size Dalek Replica

We’ve seen a lot of small gadgets in the shape of Daleks from Doctor Who, such as the Desktop Patrol Dalek, Dalek Mini LED Flashlight, and Dalek Illuminating Wall Clock. However, this Life Size Dalek Replica is in a whole other class because it looks […]