Sanei Officially Licensed Super Tanooki Mario Plush

Super Mario Tanooki 11-Inch Plush

When Mario powers-up as Tanooki, flying Koopa Troopas and Goombas get a run for their money. The spirit of the racoon runs deep among Italian plumbers. Who knew? Now you can add the Super Mario Tanooki 11-Inch Plush to your Super Mario Bros. plush toy collection. This officially-licensed […]

Zelda Bomb Bag with 3 Blue Bombs

Zelda Bomb Bag with 3 Blue Bombs

Zelda fans will love this handmade Zelda Bomb Bag with 3 Blue Bombs. The roughly 6 inches tall, the blue bombs are crocheted with soft acrylic yarns and stuffed with polyfill. The perfect size to carry and throw at your Nintendo loving friends and family. […]

8-Bit Fireplace Art

8-Bit Fireplace Art

As the weather gets warmer and summer approaches, you’ll find less use for your fireplace. Why leave it looking boring and dirty when you can cover it with the 8-Bit Fireplace Art? Designed by James Bit, this artwork is the perfect reminder of all those […]

Nintendo Controller Coffee Table

Nintendo NES Controller Coffee Table

It takes a lot to make me jealous, but I will admit this Nintendo NES Controller Coffee Table is AWESOME! Made from maple, mahogany and walnut with dovetail joinery and mid-century modern legs, this table not only looks identical to the classic NES controllers of […]

NES Mega Man Re-Stik Wall Stickers

Mega Man Wall Decals

Remember playing Mega Man on NES? He may be less popular than he was back then, but he’s still here. Now you can relive your childhood gaming days by sticking up these officially-licensed 8-bit Mega Man Wall Decals. You and your kids will love rearranging […]


Nintendo NES Controller Bra

For all you guys out there that know nothing about ladies and a whole lot about pushing buttons, here’s your chance to possibly be good at both. The Nintendo NES Controller Bra will help calm your nerves and allow you to focus on an A,B,B,A […]

Nintendo Super Mario Candy Ba-Bomb

Nintendo Super Mario Candy Bob-Omb

The GA cornucopia of Super Mario candy keeps getting fuller. So far, there’s been the Super Mario Question Box Candy Tin and Question Box Snerdles, 3-Dees Gummies, Starman and Mushroom Candy complete with coordinating tins, and we now have Nintendo Super Mario Candy Bob-Ombs (aka Ba-Bombs) […]