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NES Controller CD Case

Here’s a nice way to store your CDs, DVDs and Video Games in a hard-core gamer style. Shaped like the classic NES controller, the Nintendo Controller CD Wallet ($16) holds up to 48 discs. The binder has the Nintendo logo in red ink.

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Super Mario Sound Pen

You do not want to touch the button of this pen when sitting in a meeting. Or that is probably exactly what you want to do since you really shouldn’t. The Nintendo Sound EFX Stylus Pen ($10) is both a traditional ball point pen and […]

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She Felt for Mario

It took about two weeks to sew together this cool Embroidered Plush Nintendo System in hand dyed felt. Complete with a TV, Nintendo system, the games Mario/Duck Hunt and Super Mario 3, controller, light gun, and two different screen shots. (Via Crafty Crafty)