Nintendo Mario Collage Print

Nintendo Collage Prints

Chris Lange, an artist based in Washington DC, has created an adorable series of Nintendo inspired collage prints – featuring Mario, Princess Peach and other well-known game characters. This Nintendo collage is part of a larger series, whose originals have already been sold. Always of […]

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Mario Kart Go

Get dressed for success with the Mario costume and get ready for some fun in true gaming geek style with the Carrera Mario Kart Go slot-racing system. This high quality Carrera slot-racing system is fun for racing geeks of all ages as it brings the […]


Nintendo Wii Cakes

Adam, a friend of Joel Johnson over at Boing Boing Gadgets, recently got married and celebrated the special occasion with two Nintendo Wii inspired cakes. One traditional wedding cake topped with him and her as Mii avatars, and one Nintendo Wii cake for Adam’s son […]

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Wii 2-in-1 Combined Light Gun

This handy Wii 2-in-1 Combined Light Gun ($18) holds your Wiimote and can be adjusted to suit different shooting games for your gaming console. Speaking of Wii and shooting games: Nintendo has announced that the Zapper will include Link’s Crossbow Training, a Zelda-themed target shooter.