Orca PowerStrap

Gadget Charging Wristband

The futuristic looking Orca PowerStrap is a wristband capable of charging your gadgets – “from iPod to mobile phone to PSP via Blackberry and Nintendo DS. Basically, no matter what your gadget of choice is, you can keep it topped up at all times with […]


Nintendo DS Chocolate Case

Yes, you have probably seen them before; the chocolate inspired cases – like this one for iPod Shuffle or this one for iPhones and iPods. The latest addition to this yummy line of cases is one for the Nintendo DS Lite handheld game console. A […]

No Picture

Drum Your Way Through Donkey Kong

This Taru-Konga drum controller lets you pound your way through the classic Donkey Kong platform game from Nintendo – smack left drum: Donkey Kong moves left, smack right drum: Donkey Kong steps right, smack both drums: DK jumps, clap: DK claps to create a sonic […]

Nintendo Mario Collage Print

Nintendo Collage Prints

Chris Lange, an artist based in Washington DC, has created an adorable series of Nintendo inspired collage prints – featuring Mario, Princess Peach and other well-known game characters. This Nintendo collage is part of a larger series, whose originals have already been sold. Always of […]