New USB Turntable from Ion

This latest USB turntable model from Ion is quite similar to the one from Veho that was released last year. Simply plug it into the nearest USB port and you are ready to start converting your old vinyls to digital files.

USB Solar Charging 4-Port Hub

Solar Charger USB Hub

This USB 2.0 compliant 4-port hub doubles as a solar charger. Six included adapters allows you to charge just about any cell phone, MP3 player or other digital product available. This solar charger can be recharged through direct sunlight, AC power or car power. It […]


i-Speaker is a u-Speaker

This new portable USB stereo speaker is shaped like the letter ‘U’ and the product has been given the somewhat contradictive name iSpeaker. It connects to portable audio players, laptops and other products using a standard 3.5mm stereo audio plug.