Heart Shaped Cucumber Mold

Heart Shaped Cucumber Mold Set

We’ve all heard about genetically modified crops, but there’s another way to mess with Mother Nature; by performing plastic surgery on baby cucumbers. Now you can grow cucumbers that slice into delightful heart shapes by using the Heart Shaped Cucumber Mold Set. First it was square melons, […]

Cool Beans Ice Cube Tray

Cool Beans Ice Tray

I might overuse the word “cool” more than a person my age should, due to immaturity and lack of cooler words. And I refuse to ever use the words “cool beans” in conversation, but I guess I’ll make an exception just this once to talk about the Cool […]

Gummi-X Bug Center

Gummi-X Bug Centre

No, your child isn’t about to eat a real bug (thank goodness!) Rather, it’s just one of the extremely realistic and detailed buggy treats you can cook and mold with the Gummi-X Bug Centre. Want to fill your bugs with gooey fillings or use flavored jellies […]


Shark Fin Ice Tray

There’s no need to call the lifeguard because the only thing that’s swimming around in your drink are these fin-shaped ice cubes care of the Shark Fin Ice Tray. For double the fun, mix up the ice cubes with the ones you made with the […]

Heart Shaped Jelly Mold

Heart Shaped Jelly Mould

If you enjoy your jelly in various shapes and sizes, then you might want to think about investing in some durable moulds. The Zombie Brain Jello Mould will let you cook up some pretty gross-looking brainy jello, while the Giant Baby Mould lets you pop out […]

Stewie Ice Cube Tray

Family Guy Stewie Ice Cube Tray

If you plan on throwing a “sexy party” this holiday season, don’t forget to include the little guy with the football shaped head. Yeah, I’m talking about Family Guy’s Stewie and the Stewie Ice Cube Tray. Stewie has been trying to take over the world […]

Brain Freeze Ice Cube Trays

Brain Freeze Ice Cube Tray

GeekAlerts has shown you a lot of cool ice cube trays for all your summertime parties.  A few of my favorites were: Star Wars Han Solo in Carbonite, Cold Blooded, Moai, AK47 and the Chillbots Robots.  With summer winding down, I’m sure we will see […]

cold blooded ice cube tray

Cold Blooded Ice Cube Tray

Vampires are pretty cold blooded. I mean they are dead. Or is it undead? Anyway, Vampires are not to be messed with. They have sharp teeth. And with Halloween just around the corner you’ll be wanting to celebrate with this Cold Blooded Ice Cube Tray […]