Kisai Rogue Touch

Kisai Rogue Touch Watch

GeekAlerts loves watches and I think most people do since time is such an important factor in our everyday lives. With so many cool watches out there, it gets hard to choose. We have shown you several unique watches like the Diesel SBA Black Out […]


USB Hub with LCD Calendar

This USB 1.1 hub allows you to connect up to four of your favorite gadgets to the rotatable arm, where all the ports are located. It’s also capable of displaying the current time, date and temperature. USB Hub with LCD Calendar Displays time, date and […]


R2-D2 Projection Alarm Clock

Wesco Limited, a toy manufacturer in Cheshire, England, will later this year release release a projection alarm clock in the shape of the popular Star Wars R2-D2 character. Artoo will be able to tell you the current time in two ways; with large red digits […]