Iron Man Mark XXXV Red Snapper Figure

Iron Man 3 has Tony Stark rolling out more armor than you could shake a stick at and the Iron Man Mark XXXV Red Snapper Figure shows off one of the more interesting designs that have been dreamed up, even though the genius/billionaire/playboy/philanthropist was obviously […]


Iron Man Equation T-Shirt

Liking a comic book hero like Iron Man used be enough to have you classified as a geek, but Hollywood made the armored hero cool so earning your geek cred requires a little more effort these days. The Iron Man Equation T-Shirt will make sure […]


Iron Man Playing Cards

Put some Marvel fun into your next poker night with these cool Iron Man Playing Cards. They feature Iron Man in all kinds of different images. Tony Stark would totally play with these cards. This pack of 52 Iron Man Playing Cards features retro images […]

The Avengers USB Flash Drives

The Avengers USB Flash Drives

We’ve covered at least one of these before, but it’s time to look at the complete set of The Avengers USB Flash Drives. There is the Captain America Shield, Hulk Fist, Iron Man Mark VII , and Mjolnir (Thor Hammer).  Each looks really cool, yet […]