chocolate chip cookie candle melts

Chocolate Chip Cookie Candle Melts

It’s not like we don’t have a hard enough time already with our sweet tooth, now you can get Chocolate Chip Cookie Candle Melts.  They smell like freshly baked cookies when heated up and are sure to drive everyone hungry.  The set includes 6 cookies […]

Men's Eau Lando Cologne

Men’s Eau Lando Cologne

We showed you the Bacon Unisex Perfume so why not the Men’s Eau Lando Cologne.  This is a limited edition Star Wars celebration exclusive and quantities wont last.  You want to know what Lando Calrissian smells like? Well here you go: Mandarin warmed with incense […]

Bacon Unisex Perfume

Bacon Unisex Perfume

I like eating bacon just as much as anyone, but all these bacon products lately are getting a bit ridiculous. Take for example this new Bacon Unisex Perfume. I like to eat bacon, but I don’t want to smell like it (or be with someone […]


USB Aroma Diffuser LED Candle

This USB aroma diffuser simulates the flickering candle light effect using light-emitting-diodes, and can be filled with fragrance oil that is said to make you feel more relaxed. USB Aroma Diffuser LED Candle It brings the way to enhance your living environment LED candle illumination […]