iPWN! iPhone Game Boy Case

We dress up our puppy in canine couture, so why not do the same to something almost equally beloved like our Apple smartphones? We’ve already seen a lot of iPhone cases over the past few years. Some serve a dual purpose like the HipstaCase iPhone […]


Society 6 iPhone Case

Society 6 has outdone themselves by coming up with an iPhone case that replicates a famous scene from Star Wars. You know, the one where Han Solo was frozen in carbonite (and right after Princess Leia told him that she loved him, too! Bad timing!) […]


Nintendo DS Chocolate Case

Yes, you have probably seen them before; the chocolate inspired cases – like this one for iPod Shuffle or this one for iPhones and iPods. The latest addition to this yummy line of cases is one for the Nintendo DS Lite handheld game console. A […]

Drum PC Case

New PC Case for Drummers

Do you remember the PC Cases for Drummers? The same company, Spotswood Custom Computers, Inc., today introduced the L-24, an enthusiast-oriented PC case. The twenty four-inch diameter by eighteen-inch deep case is large enough to hold three triple-fan water-cooling radiators, extra long graphics cards, a […]