Poseable Dragon Model

Poseable Dragon Model

Become a dragon master with the Poseable Dragon Model, altering poses whenever you feel like a change of pace.

The only thing better than a dragon statue or model is one that allows you to pose your new reptilian friend in an assortment of positions, and that’s exactly what this little fella allows because he’s constructed with ball joints.

Each dragon is handmade so you can request your own custom color but they all feature the same range of movement so there’s really no way to go wrong. Have your dragon stand proud or make him curl up for a nap. Moving legs, arms, neck and jaw open up a world of possibilities.

If you’re in Russia, you can get the Poseable Dragon Model for 7000-10,000 rubles/$209.43-$299.08, while everyone else pays 165€-240€/$217.04-$315.70 at CuartosDolls.

(via Nerd Approved)

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