Avengers Assemble Art Print

The Avengers get artistic with their iconic call to action with the Avengers Assemble Art Print. “Avengers Artistically Assemble” doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue so chances of Iron Man or Captain America saying this as the team charges into battle are pretty slim. But […]


Spider Man vs Marvel Universe Art Print

Everyone’s favorite friendly neighborhood wall-crawler better have his webshooters fully loaded because he has his hands full on the Spider Man vs Marvel Universe Art Print. Artist Mike S. Miller, who brought us the eye-catching Deadpool Harley Quinn Bound 4 Art Print, the Batgirl Supergirl […]


Marvel Heroes Pint Glasses

Raise a toast to all things Marvel with this Marvel Heroes Pint Glass 2-Pack. These glasses will look great in your cabinet and with every drink you will have heroes drinking with you. These glasses feature the Black Panther, the Hulk, Hawkeye, Captain America, Iron […]

Star Trek Cologne

Star Trek Colognes

GeekAlerts has shown you the Tiberus Cologne, now we want you to enjoy the rest of the Star Trek Colognes.  There is the Shirtless Kirk, perfect for the masculine man that’s not afraid to show off his pecks.  The Sulu, one word is enough to […]