Nixon Dork Too Talking Watch

You never have to look at your watch to tell the time with the Nixon Dork Too Talking Watch—just press the button and it will tell you the time. This watch doesn’t take itself too seriously either, so it may yell the time or sound a bit sarcastic. That’s why their alternative name for it is the Nixon Smart Ass Watch.

It comes in 4 different colors (stainless steel/black, all black, gold, or rose gold), so you can choose the style that suits your taste. It’s rechargeable, so just use s USB port when you need to juice it up.

A Nixon icon that doesn’t take itself too seriously. Press a button and it yells the time and much more. Comes fully juiced, but when it does run low just plug in to your USB. This is easy, eye-free time telling that’s easy on the eyes.

Nixon Dork Too Talking Watch is $150 at These watches are available in 4 color choices: Black, All Black, Gold, and Rose Gold.

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