Nightmare Before Christmas Jack & Sally Teacup Set

From what they say on the news, drinking tea helps you live a long and healthy life—provided there’s no Deadly Night Shade in it! So raise a cup of tea to true love and a long, happy life with The Nightmare Before Christmas Jack & Sally Teacup Set.

This teacup set, inspired by Jack & Sally from Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas comes with two cups and two saucers. They’re made of ceramic, so they are ideal for hot beverages like tea or coffee. Each teacup has a 6.7 ounce capacity and the matching saucers reads “We’re simply meant to be.” They are microwave and dishwasher safe.

Take a sip—just make sure no one slipped Deadly Night Shade into your drink! Set includes two teacups inspired by Disney’s The Nightmare Before Christmas, each with matching saucers.

Available exclusively at BoxLunch, this Nightmare Before Christmas Jack & Sally Teacup Set is $29.90.

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  • Where can I buy this and how much? Is it a ship to me thing or can I pick it up or go to the shop? Is the shop in Adelaide? if you send it how much for postage? oh I just found tucked away in the corner the price $29.90 dose that inc shipping? and is that in Australian dollars? Why is there no buy or add to art button why if you want people to buy these is the info not right there to be seen clearly? how long to be sent?

  • when will the nightmare before Christmas teacup sets become available again? when will you let me know so I can buy it?

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